Max 40 Flowpack packaging machine

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Sturdy support structure, compact size. Excellent functionality at a competitive price!

The MAX40 packaging machine is an electronic machine equipped with 3 axes servo-controlled by intelligent drivers. Ideal for small and medium products (stickers, gadgets, wafers, snacks, etc.), the Max40 is designed to meet the needs of both the food and non-food industries. It can package rigid products of any shape or size. This packaging machine with rotary sealers is equipped with a state of the art PLC with temperature control, integrated diagnostics, a memory record of different packaging formats, and a multifunction and multilingual touch screen display; the structure, entirely built in stainless steel, allows this machine to be easily used in humid environments: the electronics are located inside the machine’s frame, where they can be easily accessed and are protected against humidity and infiltrations. Various accessories can be added to the basic machine model. The machine is manufactured in compliance with the current CE standards and the regulations for use in food handling environments.

Main technical characteristics

  • Right/left version
  • Cantilevered structure in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Colour touch screen interface
  • Rotary cutting/sealing unit
  • Welded film: 20mt/min
  • Loading infeed conveyer 2000 mm standard length
  • 3 pairs of sealing wheels (1 film pulling, 1 heated for sealing, 1 for flap folding)
  • Single shaft reel holder
  • Printed mark sensor
  • Fixed stainless steel forming tunnel
  • Possibility of cold sealing the packages
  • Output belt in FDA GRADE material, powered independenty by drum motor
  • Openable polycarbonate protection guards
  • Predisposition for marking and labelling devices
  • The electronics are located inside the machine’s frame, where they can be easily accessed and are protected against moisture and infiltrations
  • Compatible films: all heat-sealable and machinable films, such as polypropylene, lightweight coupled film, cold sealing.


Types of packages

  • Standard pillow bags
  • Pillow bags with lateral sealing
  • Pillow bags with Euroslot
  • Pillow bags with zip closure
  • Gusseted bags
  • Gusseted bags with lateral sealing
  • Gusseted bags with zip closure
  • Easy Open gusseted bags
  • Easy Open gusseted bags with Euroslot.


  • Adjustable former
  • Code and date printer
  • No product / no bag function
  • Lateral blower for gusseted bag
  • Excessive air removal system
  • Euroslot
  • Machine base on wheels
  • Aluminium parts treated with a non-stick and corrosion resistant nanotechnological FDA ceramic coating (EVO CPC), which also provides for a long-lasting self-cleaning effect and reduces maintenance costs
  • Stainless steel treated with a nanotechnological coating (EVO G&S), for greater wear resistance and stain protection. It protects against water, oil, acids, moisture, mould, etc., while at the same time providing for a long-lasting self-cleaning effect and reducing maintenance costs
  • Remote assistance. The router allows for the parameters to be checked, operating faults to be identified, and interventions to be performed remotely.



  • MAX40 SAN: Sanitisable version. Structure and parts in contact with the product are in stainless steel: product loading belt (if present) and output belt with quick release function; this facilitates belt cleaning and replacement. The aluminium parts are treated with a nanotechnological ceramic coating (EVO CPC).

Technical data sheet

  • 7" touch screen interface Ethernet port + USB PT070-WST4B-F1R1
  • Weight 700kg
  • Cutting/sealing functionality with rotary sealers. Maximum rotation & 160mm, maximum sealer dimensions 250mmx32mm thick. Motor SD1261/CAN.331- 45-135VDC + drive 450 1800 / motovario gear reducer NMRV050 i=10 – F. &14, flange 120 mm
  • Cartridge resistors L250 D 15 220V 700W
  • Type J thermocouple probes
  • Knife and anvil 250x20x4.9
  • Infeed conveyor: structure, protective panels, and lateral guides in stainless steel. Length 2000, heavy duty cleated chain with hostaform locking latches. Motor SD1261/CAN.331- 45-135VDC + drive 450 1800 / motovario gear reducer NMRV050 i=10 – F. &14, flange 120 mm. Product presence sensor SICK/Datalogic/Pepperl+Fuchs
  • 3 pairs of sealing wheels, one of which is heated by a 350W 110V resistor (Omega). Motor SD1261/CAN.331- 45-135VDC + drive 450 1800 / motovario gear reducer NMRV050 i=10
  • Single shaft reel holder, useful width 600mm, with simple reel replacement system, independent motorisation NMRV040 i=15 + 0.37kw motor
  • Fixed fixed former in stainless steel
  • Output belt in FDA GRADE material, with independent motorisation via drum motor mod. 80LP RL 280 EL 286 speed 0.59 m/s IP66
  • Printed mark sensor sensor SICK/Datalogic/Pepperl+Fuchs
  • Electrical power supply: 400 + Neutral – 50Hz
  • Consumption: 8 Amp – 6 Bar (continuous)
  • Automatic opening of the sealing wheels
  • Standard reel dimensions: Width 600mm, diameter 380mm
  • Camozzi pneumatic components
  • CMZ electronic and motorisation components
  • Min/max product dimensions: 30-150mm length; 15-120mm width; 5-50mm height
  • Openable polycarbonate protection guards equiped with safety micro switches
  • NGI anti-vibration support feet in stainless steel.
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