EGO TT packaging machine

Simplicity and performance at all levels, a flow-pack at the service of the product!

With a particular consideration for machine cleanliness, moisture protection and robustness, the EGO TT packaging machine is built on a solid frame.

All drive mechanisms are positioned separate from the packaging process, to prevent processing and product residues from ending up in the drive mechanisms, thus reducing cleaning operations, improving the life of the components, and ensuring the best hygienic conditions, as well as easy access for maintenance. The frame and the removable protection panels are entirely made of AISI304 stainless steel and equipped with key locks.

Feet adjustable in height, with stem and base in stainless steel, with self-draining surfaces and equipped with anti-slip and vulcanized anti-vibration rubber, FDA approved. 10” touch screen operator interface for the control of the packaging machine. Safety guards of the welding group in transparent polycarbonate with aluminium frame, openable, and equipped with safety micro switches.

The EGO TT packaging machine is an electronic machine equipped with 4 brushless and 1 asynchronous motor with BOX MOTION type sealing, ideal for packaging long-life products, through the insufflation of gas (MAP) or aromas nebulizing. It is also ideal for multi-pack packaging and for products of variable length from the same batch.

EGO TT uses only top-quality components for constant production efficiency over time and excellent final packaging results:

  • Electronics and motorization: OMRON / CMZ
  • Pneumatics: FESTO / CAMOZZI
  • Inverters: OMRON / PARKER
  • Operator Terminal: EXOR 10” / CMZ 10”
  • Sensors: SICK / PIZZATO
  • Belts: AMMERAAL
  • Support feet in stainless steel: NGI

Main technical features

  • Right version
  • AISI 304 stainless steel structure
  • 10” color touch screen interface available in Italian and English
  • Built-in loader, with manual handling of the product, automatic loading on request
  • New sealing wheel heating system allowing to reduced energy consumption and ensure accurate temperature control.
  • 3 pairs of welding wheels (1 cold for film pulling, 1 hot for film welding, 1 for film folding), motorized height adjustable and tiltable for better adherence of the film.
  • The transversal sealing system is box motion, thus making short and long packs without penalizing production. The box motion is equipped with 400 mm wide sealing jaws, with a special profile that allows to obtain airtight welding, and a greater product passage.
  • The sealing jaws of the machine are equipped with resistances controlled by precision thermoregulators a knife. The infeed and outfeed conveyors of the sealing unit are equipped with food-safe, sealed belts.
  • Motorized expansion reel holder shaft, with fine adjustment of reel centering and compensation brake. Reel width 800mm
  • Photocell for centered printing
  • Motorized or pneumatic pad for removing excess air from packages
  • Protections guards in lexan, with natural anodized aluminum frame, openable and equipped with safety sensors
  • Standard speed 60pcs/minute (based on the product to be packaged)
  • Power supply: 400 + Neutral – 50Hz
  • Consumption: 14 Amp – 6 Bar (continuously)


Main optionals

  • Left version
  • Automatic loading conveyor
  • Preheating system
  • Eurohole
  • 4 sets of welding groups
  • No product – No bag
  • Gas insufflation
  • Micrometric dosing of liquids (alcohol anti-mould)
  • Residual gas analyzer
  • Double shaft with automatic reel change
  • Automatic rejection of non-compliant products
  • Machine’s frame on wheels
  • Printer / Labeler
  • Remote assistance device. The router allows remote control of the parameters allowing to identify any operating anomalies and to intervene.

DIMENSION: 5700mm x 1580mm H 1580mm

*Specifications may vary according to application, and the right is reserved to make changes without notice

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