Reliable de-stacking solutions!

The disposable food trays used on production lines must be stored in an orderly fashion in order to occupy a minimal amount of space, but must also be easily separated. The possibility for the trays to be quickly and easily de-stacked on the belt conveyors, repeatedly and without any errors, is an extremely important factor for the efficient and cost-effective functionality of any company.

Combined with an efficient tray design, these easy-to-install, stand alone machines are capable of handling extremely high product volumes (much greater than those that can be handled by an operator). In addition to increasing the loading potential, de-stackers can also be used in situations considered to be dangerous for the operator, and in cases where the operator is likely to suffer repeated strain injuries (RSIs).

Thanks to its compactness, ease of use, and minimal maintenance requirements, the machine can be easily installed on any industrial line.
The machine’s shape is designed to make it easy for the operator to load the stacks of containers. All the components are made from sanitisable and washable materials.

The machine can be equipped with stepper or continuous belt conveyors upon request: the electrical panel is built in.

The machine is manufactured in compliance with the current CE standards, the Machinery Directive, and the regulations for use in food handling environments.


Main technical characteristics

  • Width-adjustable stainless steel accumulation channels
  • Stainless steel frame and closure panels.
  • Mobile cam movement system
  • Suction system for collecting trays using venturis
  • Built-in electrical panel
  • Photocell for minimum load alarm
  • Emergency button
  • Silicone suction cups detectable by the Metal Detector
  • Air pressure gauge
  • Height-adjustable stainless steel support feet
  • Suction cup unit protection in TEC mesh
  • 0.37kw gear motor


Available models

  • 2 accumulation channels DSP2CM
  • 4 accumulation channels DSP4CM
  • 2+2 accumulation channels to accommodate two different types of DSPAR containers, for vertical de-stacking with rotary shafts.
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