The right accessory for making the perfect cut!

Not all cuts are done the same way. That’s why we offer various types of cutters, each intended for a specific use, which help to speed up and perfect the job of cutting extrusions, cardboard, and various other types of materials.



Designed specifically for cutting soap extrusions in various lengths.

The product is positioned on the machine’s intake belt automatically; the die is guided until it is conveyed into the mould (located inside the cutting unit) and assumes the desired shape, which is subsequently cut.

Upon exiting the cutting unit, the product is transported out of the machine on the output belt, which brings the product to the unloading or automatic packaging zone.

Main technical characteristics

  • Structure/frame in stainless steel
  • Independent control panel
  • Independent electrical panel
  • Single or double blade cutting unit
  • Product input and output belts in synthetic materials
  • Stainless steel cutting unit protective casing with safety sensor
  • Fluid recirculation pump
  • Support feet and wheels


  • Double blade for double cutting



The cardboard cutting and feeding unit is designed for use with the horizontal packaging machine: Its function is to form a an extended reel, and then to cut, to measure, the cardboard bases for packaging biscuits, snacks and various other products.

After being inserted into the special support, the roll of cardboard is fed, shaped, cut and automatically positioned on the packaging machine’s loading conveyor.

Main technical characteristics

  • Structure/frame in stainless steel
  • Independent electrical panel
  • Single blade cutting unit
  • Cutting unit protective casing equipped with safety sensor
  • Stainless steel support feet
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