FLOW LAGUZ flowpack packaging machine

Go with the Flow! The start of something new. A complete renewal!

This machine has been upgraded from every point of view, with a fresh new design and a long list of new connectivity and safety features. Mechanical and electronic units are located on the rear of the packaging machine.

The Flow Laguz is the top seal version of our HFFS packaging machines, with the film reel located at the bottom of the machine and the longitudinal sealing being carried out on the top of the package, making it perfect for products of difficult transportation, as it allows the product to enter the machine already resting on the film. It stands out due to its cantilevered structure, its easy accessibility and maintenance, and its safety and santisation features. It's made entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel.

Its durability, easy operativity, reliability, versatility and format changing flexibility make it a machine that can be perfectly adapted to any packaging needs, for any application.

All of the machine's functions are managed by sophisticated yet easy-to-use electronics. The product supply is performed by a belt conveyor, that comes with the machine. This packaging machine can be integrated with any loading automation and end-of-line unit, even for extremely high production volumes.

Compatible films: all heat-sealable and machinable films, such as polypropylene, lightweight coupled film, cold sealing. Single/double sealing coupled film.


OMRON electronic components and motorisation

Package types:

  • Standard pillow bags
  • Pillow bags with lateral sealing
  • Pillow bags with Euroslot
  • Pillow bags with zip closure
  • Gusseted bags
  • Gusseted bags with lateral sealing
  • Gusseted bags with zip closure
  • Easy Open gusseted bags
  • Easy Open gusseted bags with Euroslot


Main characteristics

  • Machine made from stainless steel.
  • Right/left version.
  • Longitudinal sealing system with three pairs of rollers, two of which are heated, in order to ensure smooth film unwinding and a perfect seal.
  • 2 metre long feeding platform.
  • The durable and reliable standard machine is available with a reel width of 600 mm.
  • Adjustment of the package length based on the product’s length.
  • “No product, no bag” function and “safety of the product poorly positioned on the sealing grippers” function.
  • Touch screen display for adjusting the machine’s parameters, performing diagnostics, and obtaining machine status information.
  • Storage of the parameter for the creation of programs.


Main optionals

  • Long Dwell cross sealing unit
  • Feeding platforms of different types and lengths
  • Photocell for centring the moulded film
  • Gas blowing system
  • Different automatic feeding systems
  • Micrometric dosage of liquids (alcohol, anti-mould)
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