Belt conveyors

All types of belt or modular conveyors

Depending on the application, both belt conveyors and modular conveyors offer excellent performance and durability. Thanks to the various design possibilities, they can be built in almost any width, length and trajectory, complete with fixed or adjustable guides and other accessories.

Our conveyors made entirely of stainless steel are built in compliance with the regulations of the food and pharmaceutical sectors, and are extremely durable, reliable and flexible: all the requirements necessary to create simple configurations, while at the same time protecting the transported products and allowing for their insertion into the various packaging plants.

The sanitisable versions guarantee maximum hygiene and can be equipped with a self-washing system. The structures are designed so that all the parts can be easily reached in order to eliminate any dirt and processing residues.

In fact, the modular belt conveyors are mainly used in the food and pharmaceutical. They can be used for the horizontal or inclined transport of various types of products, and can be built in various lengths and widths, with fixed or adjustable guides.


Types of belt conveyors

  • Sorting Belt
  • Bypass Belt
  • Lift Conveyor

Other types

  • Accumulation Belt
  • Stepper Belt
  • Inclined Belt - for removing packages from the vertical packaging machine
  • Retractable Belt - by adapting to the various requirements, allows the product to be transported to different packaging stations, or for non-conforming products to be discarded
  • Belts with various connections - infeed/outlet to/from the packaging machine, de-stacker, etc.
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